This is Nocturnal Radio

484e05c6c1545ec02036343cb123b46dA weekly radio program filled with aural effervescence in a tenuous freeform cloud. Hear a variety of music & sounds from out-of-this-world including electric, electronic, and acoustic abnormalities leaving no era behind. Blessed with studio guests once in a while.

Tune in Tuesday evenings at 8:00 EST. Streaming at and heard locally throughout the New Hampshire seacoast on WSCA 106.1 FM. Playlists found here

Become a member of WSCA to help continue providing local programming not found anywhere else on the dial. We’re a listener supported, non-commercial, diverse freeform radio station broadcasting at 106.MHz FM in Portsmouth, NH. WSCA also maintains a 24/7 online presence at, which includes a live audio stream, archives, news, & information.